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Elio Getting Ready for Production

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Elio is building the first E-Series vehicles at the Elio Motors Pilot Operations Center in Livonia, Mich. The team is using data generated over the last three months and bringing it to production, tooling and fabrication. The eight-person assembly team, brought on last month, works from a process and procedure book.  They are using parts from the suppliers and making sure they fit and work properly together.

According to Gino Raffin, Elio Motors’ Vice President of Manufacturing and Product Launch, the E-Series this is an exciting time at Elio Motors. Gino is the guru in process and manufacturing assembly for our Shreveport assembly facility who is in charge of the manufacturing of the E-Series. He has taken countless vehicle programs through the process at other automakers for more than 30 years. Gino brings a perspective and knowledge to the process which provides the craftmanship required to have a highquality product.

“We’ve been receiving assemblies and components from our suppliers since the completion of our engineering phase, and we’re excited to see our Elio E-Series vehicles coming together. Our first vehicles will be ready for our suppliers and internal teams to begin testing and calibration in the near future.” The Pilot Operations Center also has an integrated paint shop onsite, ovens, station for water testing, ride and handling and final review for approval. 

Getting the details right is supremely important to the finished product. At Elio Motors, the Elio is a product that we intend for our customers to own proudly for a long, long time.

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