Pictures Of Naked Women On Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Girls on Harleys? Girls without clothes on Harleys? You had better get your bike personalizedd to attract the girls.


One of the easiest, and most inexpensive, ways to personalize your hog is to replace the stock headlights with customized models. There are a lot of options that you can choose from to make your hog unique. Choose a headlight model that has the shape, design, lens type and style that you like.

The first type of headlights to look into is a stretched bucket headlight. These lights come with a couple of pattern options including flamed and smooth. In addition to selecting what design you want on your headlight you can also determine what type of lens you want to pair with the bucket housing. Some of your lens options include: Tribar with blue dot, Tribar with black dot and ICE. To put together your headlight you will need to buy the bucket and the lamp separately. The buckets will run you between $150 and $300 a piece and the headlight lamps will run you around $60 a piece.

Your second option for headlights is to select a Russ Wernimont Designs headlight. One option in this design line is the Iron Light-Maltese Cross Headlight. This unique Harley headlight will make your hog stand out from the pack. This is a 3D headlight that comes with the wire harness, plug, a chrome aluminum housing and a halogen bulb. This item lists for about $140. In addition to the headlight kit you will also probably need the RWD swivel mount, which retails for about $22.

Your third option is to select a Joker Series 2000 Rectangle Bilet Headlight. This has a teardrop design, a low profile and a smooth top finish. This product retails for around $350, however, some dealers are selling it below the listing price. This headlight also comes in a ball mill finish.


So you get it yet? Customize your bike andyou will attract more girls!