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Used Motorcycles

It is best and most advisable to look in the local papers, motorcycle weekly papers and bike magazines for used motorcycles. Used motorcycles are cheaper than new ones, and are the answer for anyone who wants a motorcycle but cannot afford a new one. Sometimes people buy used motorcycles just to get a feel of riding before buying the right motorcycle.

When buying a used motorcycle, it is better to check the body of the bike carefully for signs of rust or poor maintenance. Peeling paintwork with tape on the seat signifies repairs done on the bike, and you should think twice before buying the bike, unless it is got at a real bargain. Make sure that the tires have thread on them, as motorcycle tires cost more than car tires. Check to see if the chain is well oiled, and also check the exhaust for signs of rust on the underside of the muffler. Always take a used motorcycle for a test ride before buying it. If the owner doesn't agree to this, then don't buy the bike because some problems are only apparent when ridden.

If you are new to motorcycles, you should buy a four-stroke engine. It will give you fewer problems. Whenever you purchase a used motorcycle, it is important to check on the registration. Check to see if the engine number, the owner's name and the place the motorcycle were purchased matches the information given for registration. This is to prevent the possibility of buying a stolen bike.